Getting a New Puppy

The excitement of getting a new GSP puppy seems like it will last forever. Excitement however isn’t enough.

When it comes to adding a new puppy to your family, you want to ask several questions of the breeder and of yourself.

GSPs – Our Puppy FAQ

Are your puppies bread purposefully?

German Shorthaired Pointers were originally bred for hunting and though they’ve made their way into our hearts and homes, we can’t deny their true spirit. As purposeful purebred breeders, we continue to choose what’s best for the breed.

Our goal with every pairing is to add value to the breed. We do this by proving our breeding animals in the conformation ring and by maintaining strict health guarantees and by demanding the same from those we choose as studs. To learn more, click here>

Will the puppies be vaccinated?

Vaccinations are important, especially for puppies who haven’t been exposed to the world. While we will continue to work with you regarding vaccinations and other health discussions, your puppy will come dewormed at 3 and 6 weeks and will have their first set of vaccinations performed as well as being checked by the vet.

How are your puppies socialized?

Socialization isn’t just about meeting new dogs. Our puppies are socialized at an early age with everything from dogs to people to large sounds. We continue to introduce our puppies to new things whenever an opportunity arises.

Will the puppies have a health guarantee?

Proving our breeding animals as we do and doing the health checks that we perform would be meaningless if we didn’t put it to work. That’s why we offer a 2-year health guarantee on all our puppies.

When can we pick up our puppy?

There are many reasons why people bring a puppy into their home; companionship, sport training, and conformation showing. It’s for this reason that while we continue to watch and gauge our puppies, we wait until it’s time to pick up your puppy that we pick out your puppy. Depending on your position in our queue and the reason for your

Will you be available after the sale?

Bringing a puppy into your home is a lifelong commitment. As a breeder, selling a puppy isn’t about adding a member to your family, it’s about adding to ours. We will always feel like these puppies are ours and as such we will continue to be supportive and available to you and your new GSP.

Want to join our waitlist for a puppy?

Fill out our puppy questionnaire and we’ll get back to you soon.

Why Now?

Because our relationship doesn’t start when you take your puppy home.

Welcome to the family.